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"It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark"

Howard Ruff

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Intelligent Computer Aided Recognition Systems.

In this project, we develop hardware and software for telemetry systems capable of detecting all kinds of critical elements during the response to a disaster. (2 years of development)



Unmanned Aerial Reconnaissance and Exploration Vehicle

At the beginning of the VIC, the logistics tasks were carried out by people on bicycles. We are currently developing drones capable of quickly reaching zone 0 of a disaster and collecting information on the damage in order to assist the affected population. Our volunteers have developed several proposals that are at a TRL4 level of development.



EOS is a project related to geographic information systems (GIS). Its main intention is the macro identification of critical information during the response to a disaster. Through satellite images we are able to identify threats, vulnerabilities, risks and points of interest during an emergency. Likewise, EOS seeks to monitor the evolution of forest areas and bodies of water in Mexican territory.



SILVANA is a project for the development of virtual cities and scenarios where emergency scenarios can be simulated in order to train our volunteers. Likewise, this project seeks to manufacture the virtual material necessary for the training of conventional neural networks for the prompt and effective detection of critical elements during a disaster.

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the little change

The small change is an undertaking focused on the transformation of eating habits, consumption and waste management by the civil population to amortize the waste of natural resources and thus improve the quality of life of people promoting sustainability as an axis of these transformations, appealing to food security, the knowledge that will allow women to live a conscious menstrual cycle, among other equally relevant topics.

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