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“Measure what can be measured; and what not, make it measurable. "

Galileo Galilei

Telemetry is a set of techniques for the distance measurement of physical quantities. These physical magnitudes can be associated with critical phenomena during a disaster. For example, a gas or radiation leak may become imperceptible to the human senses, but can be seen clearly if the correct tools are used. If someone is trapped under the rubble of a collapsed building, their body temperature traces can help us find them more easily. But even earlier, we can know which buildings have collapsed after a disaster, where there are gas leaks or any other threat or vulnerability caused by a disaster.  

During an emergency, time is the most valuable, the sublime difference between life and death. For this reason, we seek to implement "Artificial Intelligence" to assist our staff and expedite the process of recognizing affected areas after a disaster.

The SIRAC project is divided into 2 categories. The collection of SIRAC-T data (telemetry) and the interpretation of the same SIRAC-I ("Artificial intelligence").



presentation  SIRAC-I



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Hello, we are Karla, David and Sebastian, we will be guiding you throughout this project!

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