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"Nullius in verba"

Royal Society

What is the CIV?
The VIC is a non-profit civil association that develops technologies and strategies to help the population affected by a disaster . Likewise, the VIC seeks to coordinate volunteers who want to help during the response to a disaster .
Does the VIC specialize in any particular type of disaster?
The CIV seeks to organize the voluntary civilian population and develop technologies and strategies that can help in any type of disaster regardless of the vulnerabilities and / or threats that have caused the disaster. However at the moment we have an earthquake and hurricane oriented approach .
Where does the VIC operate?
For the moment in Mexico , but in the long term the CIV seeks to have a positive global impact.
Why does the CIV have an art department (CIV-ART)?
The CIV considers that art, in all its expressions, is an important medium that transcends time to communicate ideas of change and awareness in the new and current generations. Therefore, the CIV seeks to use artistic expressions to promote positive changes in societies .
What is the position of the VIC regarding gender identity, sexual preferences, origin and religious beliefs of people?
The VIC is an entity that is based on communication , teamwork and RESPECT . So we see people for their value as human beings regardless of their origin, gender identity, sexual preferences and / or religious beliefs.
How can I help the VIC?
If you consider that you have the necessary experience and knowledge , you can contact us to help us in the current projects in which the VIC is working. 

If you want to be a volunteer during the response to a disaster (in Mexico), be aware of the announcements that we will give in case of a future emergency .

If you believe in the VIC and its projects, you can donate and / or finance the activities of the VIC.
How can the VIC help you?
As long as there is no disaster situation, the VIC works  in the aspect of prevention to avoid and / or reduce  damage caused by a future disaster. Likewise, what was developed during prevention is used in the response to the disaster in order to maximize the efficiency of the volunteers attending the disaster and reduce human and material losses . Finally, after the disaster, the VIC gets involved  in the reconstruction of the affected areas .
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