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"Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity"


Our way of transmitting knowledge is through general concepts. Later we emphasize in real examples that are representative of these concepts . Finally we seek the integration of knowledge through dialogues and situational exercises with our students .

The material on this page is a guide for our face-to-face courses. (The experience is best if you navigate this section from a desktop or laptop)

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What is a disaster?

A disaster is the combination of a hazard and a vulnerable system. There are multiple types of threats and various vulnerabilities, resulting in a range of potential disasters with different characteristics. Not all disasters are the same and are not handled in the same way.  

Likewise, everything can turn out to be a disaster, regardless of the scale, magnitude and circumstance. A glass of water on the edge of a table, (vulnerability) is not a disaster by itself. But when a distracted passerby approaches, (the threat) then there is a risk that a disaster will strike and with a hampered movement the passerby spills the glass of water. Similarly, a tropical storm in the Pacific is not a disaster by itself (our passerby). But when you approach the coast, where you find a vulnerable society, (the glass of water on the edge of the table) then there is the risk of disaster. 


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Additional tools

The "Philosophy" comes from the Greek words that mean "love of wisdom". Philosophy uses tools such as logic and reason, among others, to analyze the universe and the ways in which humans experience it. It is a mechanism that contrasts, guides, questions and gives reference to our place and our actions in the world. At the VIC we consider that education and philosophy are fundamental to strengthen the social fabric and thus be able to face the disasters of the future.

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Philosophize this!


in a nutshell



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