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Hello, we are David and Sebastian, we will be guiding you throughout this project!


"We choose to go to the Moon not because it is easy, but because it is difficult ..."

John F. Kennedy


During the response to the earthquake of September 19, 2017, the CIV mobilized approximately 10 tons of supplies including water, food and medicine to reach the hands of those affected. Likewise, the CIV coordinated more than 1,200 civilian volunteers from all over Mexico. These achievements were possible thanks to the work of logistics, intelligence and strategy of the CIV. For us, strategy is the ability to make decisions based on objective and reliable information. On the day the earth shook, CIV sent young volunteers with radios and bicycles to explore the earthquake devastated areas. Little by little, they compiled critical information regarding the damage and the current situation. This information was placed on a map marking each point of interest. Although the CIV response was successful, that day we understood that we are not prepared for the disasters of the future. The disaster of the moment exceeded the response capacities of many institutions and it was we, the civilians, who made the difference.

The VATRE project is what we would have needed during the earthquake. A tool capable of flying over the disaster area to alert us in real time of the situation and its dangers. The exploration and reconnaissance work that took us hours that day can now be completed in a matter of minutes with the VATRE.

​ To date, 2 female engineers and 11 male engineers have graduated working with the VATRE project. Thanks to their dedication, knowledge and passion; what was once a dream, every day becomes more of a reality.

Nature is the best engineer (for certain things)

At CIV we seek to innovate with cutting-edge methods and technologies. Many of the most successful engineering designs have found their inspiration in nature. For example, Japan's bullet train (Shinkansen) mimics the geometry of the Alcedinidae bird. Our research and development teams in the VATRE project have adopted topological optimization as a reference to create the chassis of our drones. This method allows us to save material, making the VATRE lighter and stronger to be able to face the most challenging conditions.


flight controller:
optimización topologica​
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