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Earthquake September 19, 2017, Mexico

After  of the events  caused by the earthquake of September 19, 2017  in Mexico City and its surroundings. A group of young people came together seeking to generate help in the less populated areas of the country that needed a helping hand.

Our team traveled to Jojutla de Juárez in the state of Morelos, starting with a small group of 10 people to form a team of 1200 volunteers who in 50 days inside ground zero managed to move 10 tons of supplies including medicines, water, demolition equipment. and food.

A reconnaissance and exploration team was formed in the disaster area, with the help of young people on bicycles and walkie talkies reporting on the state of the affected areas. With these data, a cardboard map drawn by hand was designed  Y  Using bottle caps it was possible to have a general overview and we began to mobilize and organize our team and resources.


To this day we continue to make history 
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