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Living beings

"What is the origin of life?"


We often forget or lose perspective on our true neighbors on planet earth: all other life forms that coexist in symbiosis with each other and with us. If we do not consider their relevance, we cannot understand how we interact directly and indirectly with them. By losing this perspective, our actions are guided by blind ignorance that ends up affecting us deeply. By being inconsiderate of the life around us, we are being inconsiderate of ourselves.


Humanity has developed useful mechanisms to organize and catalog its environment. One of these mechanisms is taxonomic categorization. In a simple way, its purpose is to logically order the species of living beings on our planet according to their genetic similarities. 

The most beautiful aspect of this categorization is that in a certain way all species share ancestral or primitive genetic traits. That is the first tie or interconnectivity that we have with the other living beings that surround us. We could dedicate ourselves to demonstrating each link in the network of living beings on our planet, but getting lost in the details is not the main objective of this page.


Living beings are vulnerable in the face of adversities in our environments, circumstances and even in front of other living beings. Taking into account that life in general is vulnerable, we can dare to say that the fragility of life is a common factor that unites our species and beyond, it unites us with all other living beings on our planet. That said, we should ask ourselves more frequently. How is it that we are vulnerable in general? By changing the concept of interconnectivity and vulnerability, then our perspective increases. If an entire species collapses, other species will be affected. We are not exempt and we are certainly being affected. Unfortunately, humanity is responsible for systematically creating vulnerabilities and threats that affect other species.  Again, by being inconsiderate of life around us, we are being inconsiderate of ourselves.


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